Kändi is nothing less than the attempt to reinvent candy. To reanimate ‘candy’ as we understand it. For virtually every kid candy is something magical. So magical it can easily become obsessive 1 . As grown-ups many of us develop a very ambiguous relationship towards candy.
It’s cheap mass-produced trash full of ‘bad’ calories and ‘evil’ sugars, and at the same time our regular desire. Many of us hope to escape by turning towards apparently guilt-free, low-fat, low/no-sugar, natural alternatives, but very often without finding the satisfaction one was looking for.
We think that candy is only true, proper Kändi if it pleases all our senses, if it is used as a special treat we give ourselves as a gift to create an exceptional moment. Leave the boring cheap, mass-produced stuff in the shelfs and better get yourself something that lives up to your grown-up taste buds. Get that magical moment again, just like those moments you had when you were a kid.

  1. At least I certainly was obsessive about candy when I was a kid … well, maybe I still am…